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Registration is Closed !

Full conference information, including how to register online, is provided in the "Au_2019 invite" PDF located below.   Click on the file name. 

If you plan to bring any antennas to the antenna range, please drop an email to Donn at [wa2voi (at) mninter (dot) net] to let him know.  Please include your name, call, band, type of antenna (yagi, log, horn, dish (feed & type), misc (describe), if its commercial or homebrew, and if its been previously tested.  Providing this information ahead of time helps us speed up the throughput as well as knowing what bands we need to prepare for ahead of time. 

This reflector is the primary means of advertising this event, so please pass the word along to others, especially any new stations you hear on the air

See you on April 25 !

Jon Platt,
Jan 30, 2019, 9:31 AM