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Wesslund Award

The Wesslund Award honors Robert (Bob) Wesslund, W0AUS, for his many years of significant contributions to the Northern Lights Radio Society and for his continuous work with mentoring others in the World Above 50 MHz. This award is presented annually to recognize those NLRS members who have assisted others in gaining knowledge and access to the bands above 50 MHz.

2004  W0AUS   Robert(Bob)Wesslund
2005  WA2VOI  Donn Baker  
2006  K0FQA   Jon Lieberg
2007  W0GHZ   Gary Mohrlant
2008  N0HJZ   Rich Westerberg
2009  K0AWU   Bill Davis
2010  W0UC    Paul Husby
2011  VE4MA   Barry Malowanchuk
2012  W9FZ    Bruce Richardson
2013  WB0LJC  Gary Danelius
2014  N0KP    Dave Kleindal
2015  N0UK    Chris Cox
2016  KC0P    Mel Larson
2017  W0ZQ    Jon Platt
2018  N0NAS   Doug Reed
2019  AC0RA   Wyatt Dirks