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10 GHz + Operating Sites


Welcome to the world of 10 GHz !  
NLRS 10 GHz and Up Operating Sites
The following sites have been used by NLRS members in prior 10 GHz and Up Cumulative Contests, or are new prospects for sites to be tried. Click on the Map icon to display a map of the location. Once the map is displayed, you should look at the toolbar at the very top frame of the map. To the left are the zoom buttons, and to the right are the map size (small, medium, large) buttons.

Twin Cities Metro Locations
Location Name Latitude Longitude Grid Elevation Map
Mounds Park
44:56:44.5 N
93:03:19.8 W
923 feet
Capitol Overlook
44:57:23.9 N
93:05:57.9 W
Elevation ?
Cherokee Park
South end of High Bridge
44:56:53.6 N
93:06:00.8 W
Elevation ?
St. Anthony
45:00:12.3 N
93:13:04.6 W
Elevation ?
Hudson, WI - Birkmose Park
44:58:30.6 N
92:44:43.6 W
Elevation ?
Mendota Overlook
44:52:02.9 N
93:10:27.0 W
Elevation ?
Mendota Heights - Pilot Knob Rd.
44:52:53.3 N
93:10:00.6 W
Elevation ?
Burnsville - 35W
44:46:19.3 N
93:17:06.5 W
Elevation ?
The Gravel Pit Site - 494 & 169
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
Flying Cloud Airport
44:49:15.0 N
93:27:20.7 W
Elevation ?
Idell Avenue
44:45:16.9 N
92:55:25.5 W
Elevation ?
Jacobs Ave. N.
44:43:56.3 N
92:54:14.8 W
Elevation ?
SE of Hastings
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
New Trier
44:36:40.7 N
92:56:01.9 W
Elevation ?
Cannon Falls - High View Rd.
44:28:01.9 N
92:52:41.1 W
Elevation ?
Vasa - Smaland Rd at 293rd
44:31:30.7 N
92:42:19.9 W
Elevation ?
Vasa South
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
Red Wing - Soldiers Park
44:33:46.0 N
92:31:21.0 W
Elevation ?
Mt. Tom
45:19:34.2 N
95:01:58.2 W
Elevation ?
Monticello South (Parking Lot)
45:16:49.0 N
93:46:11.1 W
Elevation ?
Monticello North (Tower)
45:16:55.6 N
93:45:59.8 W
Elevation ?
45:10:14.3 N
93:32:54.3 W
Elevation ?
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
Rasmussan College
Latitude ?
Longitude ?
Grid ?
Elevation ?
Winsted 4 Corners EN24
44:59:18.5 N
94:00:44.3 W
Elevation ?
Winsted 4 Corners EN25
45:00:47.7 N
94:01:21.0 W
Elevation ?
Winsted 4 Corners EN34
44:58:55.0 N
93:59:45.5 W
Elevation ?

More Distant Locations Southeast of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Location Name Latitude Longitude Grid Elevation Map
Arcadia, WI
44:12:21.7 N
91:27:32.2 W
Elevation ?
St. Charles 4 Corners EN33
43:56:00.0 N
92:00:06.0 W
1333 feet
North Fountain T
43:46:05.0 N
92:06:12.0 W
1282 feet
(from WA2VOI)
43:42:34.2 N
92:41:21.6 W
Elevation ?
(from KCØCP)
43:43:01.8 N
92:43:16.1 W
1408 feet
S. Lanesboro Bare Hills
43:40:18.0 N
91:56:16.0 W
1270 feet
43:33:06.0 N
92:03:36.0 W
1350 feet
Spring Grove
43:33:29.0 N
91:39:04.0 W
1306 feet
North Mabel
43:36:06.0 N
91:46:28.0 W
1233 feet
North Wykoff
43:43:54.0 N
92:14:24.0 W
1323 feet

Outstate Locations (Well Outside of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area)

Location Name Latitude Longitude Grid Elevation Map
VE4MA in Winnipeg, Manitoba
49:51:??.? N
97:02:??.? W
Elevation ?
KMØT in Sioux Center, Iowa
43:05:23.8 N
96:10:05.9 W
1453 feet
NØDQS in Schleswig, Iowa
42:09:47.0 N
95:26:04.0 W
1484 feet
44:43:09.8 N
91:20:00.7 W
Elevation ?
Wilson, MN
43:47:41.7 N
91:38:59.8 W
Elevation ?
46:62:25.8 N
96:47:46.2 W
Elevation ?
Nett Lake Indian Reservation
48:03:00.0 N
93:17:48.0 W
Elevation ?

Lake Superior Sites

Location Name Latitude Longitude Grid Elevation Map
Port Wing Wayside Rest
46:46:16.2 N
91:27:23.7 W
Elevation ?
Herbster City Park
46:50:05.1 N
91:15:42.2 W
Elevation ?
Lester River
Pull-off with Tourist Info
46:50:16.0 N
92:00:06.0 W
Elevation ?
Stewart River
47:03:04.8 N
91:37:48.0 W
Elevation ?
Beaver Bay
Lax Lake Rd.
47:12:53.4 N
91:21:15.0 W
Elevation ?
Crystal Creek
47:20:58.8 N
91:11:0.0 W
Elevation ?
Kennedy Landing
47:22:50.4 N
91:09:14.4 W
Elevation ?
Onion River
(a lot of trees)
47:36:35.4 N
90:45:52.2 W
Elevation ?
Cascade River Rest Area
Cut Face Creek
47:42:06.6 N
90:32:23.4 W
Elevation ?
Stony Point CR222
East side of Point
46:55:32.0 N
91:48:59.0 W
Elevation ?
5 Miles East of Two Harbors
47:04:17.0 N
91:35:23.0 W
Elevation ?
Parking Area Under Construction
may be private? marginal
47:09:57.0 N
91:25:29.0 W
Elevation ?
Stony Point Drive
Along the rocks, East side (Wet!)
46:55:38.0 N
91:48:51.0 W
Elevation ?
Kitchi Gammi Park
46:50:40.0 N
91:59:28.0 W
Elevation ?
Brockway Mountain
47:27:51.5 N
87:58:11.2 W
Elevation ?
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
47:27:36.1 N
88:09:34.7 W
Elevation ?
Eagle Harbor Alternate #1
Dunes Drive East of Cat Harbor
47:27:21.8 N
88:11:13.6 W
Elevation ?
Eagle Harbor Alternate #2
Great Sand Bay
47:26:46.2 N
88:13:00.5 W
Elevation ?

While we try to get this page whipped totally into shape, you may wish to know that this URL will take you to a web page provided by Matt, KB1VC, to plot Radio Line-of-Sight Profiles from one point to another. As explained on his page, this is not a real-time service, it results in a GIF file being emailed back to you in a day or so after you fill out the request form. But it can be quite handy nevertheless. Thanks to Mark, N2MH, for reminding me of this URL.

And this URL will take you to Mark's "N2MH RoveSite Locator" which may be of interest to you.

Database Link
The following link gives you an Excel spreadsheet file that is being used to develop the future version of this web page. In the future, each "tab" of the spreadsheet file will be a separate table in an SQL database, containing only the static data. Then, this page will be re-written as a series of web pages in the PHP language, which will read the data out of the various tables to construct web pages on the fly. This will permit us to manage the data via web forms, keep data in one central location and display it in many different ways, allow us to display detailed information about each site or potential site, including the ability to build tables of paths from any one site to all others as desired. Anyway, that is coming along, but for the impatient, the Excel spreadsheet file can be massaged by you to generate some of those analyses right now.


Links to Useful Software
  • The Contest Station Locator is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to store numerous locations, and then compute the bearing and distance between any pair of them.
  • The WØJT Grid Loc program for the Palm and compatibles allows you to convert locations between DD:MM:SS, DD:MM.mmm, DD.dddd, and Maidenhead Grid formats. It also computes bearing and distance between two locations. It is a bit slow and primitive, cannot (yet) store a list of locations as a database, and cannot use a GPS. But you just might find it useful anyway.
  • The KK6MK GL (Grid Locator) program for the Palm has more features than the one above, such as the ability to store lists of locations in memo files, reading your GPS to figure out where you are right now, etc.
  • To get the most out of the GL application, you need to create a set of locations in a memo file. I took Donn's email postings, and worked them over a little bit, adding some more locations, reformatting them so be more screen friendly (although GL is smart enough that it doesn't care about pretty or ugly formats), etc. To save you the effort of entering them in with Graffiti, or the built-in keyboard option, or even an external Palm keyboard, you can download what I have built right here.

    Unfortunately, (at least as far as I can figure), there is no way to create a separate memo file on the PC side and HotSync it over as a standalone file (like a PRC or PDB file) to the Palm. You have to use the Palm Desktop application to convert ASCII text to one or more Palm memos, and then with a Hot Sync, they will be transferred. The easiest way I know to do this is to have the Palm Desktop open and on the MEMO page. Click on New to create a new memo. One at a time, open the file(s) here with an ASCII text editor like Windows NotePad or Windows Write, highlight all of the text with mouse and/or keyboard, and hit Ctrl+C to copy it to the Windows Clipboard. Then click on the empty text window on the right of the Memo screen of Palm Desktop and hit Ctrl+V to paste the text into place. Then click on the "Apply" button to make it official. Note that depending on your browser setup, clicking on the links below may bring up the ASCII text in the browser window instead of offering to save it to disk, in which case you can skip the use of NotePad or Windows Write -- just highlight the text on the browser's display screen and copy it to the clipboard.

  • The 10 GHz Logger version 3.04vba in native Microsoft Excel format (2.6 Mb download) or in zip archive format (549 Kb download) is a fairly sophisticated spreadsheet into which you can enter your data for the 10 GHz and up Cumulative Contest. It will do most or all of the calcultions you need. It lacks strict error checking, but the current version should provide you with a dupe-checked log (even for the "and up" category) that can be printed out in a format as close to the ARRL forms as I could make it. Don't be surprised if your computer gives you a dire warning about the file containing potentially damaging macros. I used Visual Basic for Applications code in the file for the sake of improved efficiency and accuracy, so you will have to "enable macros" when asked, in order for it to work properly.

Jon Platt,
Sep 23, 2013, 11:02 AM
Jon Platt,
Sep 23, 2013, 11:02 AM