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NLRS Email Reflector

NLRS has an e-mail reflector where news of local interest and meeting reminders are posted. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, change between regular and digest mode, put your subscription on temporary hold while on vacation, and so on, all from a single account maintenance web page.

If you want the list members to see your messages, you MUST send them in PLAIN TEXT only.

You can also access the archives of the NLRS mailing list (and, for that matter, all other mailing lists hosted by QTH.NET) from the URL http://mailman.qth.net. In the top left frame window, enter NLRS for the mail list name, and then click on the button that selects which form of the archive you are interested in viewing. You can also search the archives by entering a search term in the appropriate window and clicking the SEARCH button.